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CLEARED4 Technical Architecture


The web servers are 100% server-less that scales automatically on demand. The database is Google Firestore. It also scales indefinitely and automatically when the amount of data and traffic increase. For example, Google says if one collection/table contains 100 documents/rows and the UI presents 100 rows at the time, it only takes milliseconds to return but if the amount of data in the same collection/table later increase to for example records but the UI still show 100 documents/rows from this data set, then the performance remains the same (milliseconds to get the results from the DB). No need or even possible to set up more servers etc. manually. It’s 100% automatic and of course, Google is used to scaling web sites and apps that have millions of users. 

Security & Privacy

All data is encrypted before it is written to disk with 256- bit AES and each encryption key are itself encrypted with a regularly rotated set of master keys. All data over the Internet is secured with SSL (HTTPS). API’s are highly secured but also the database is set up with strict security rules, controlling access for different users on a data level. Tools used by admins and employers use two-factor authentication with email, password and one-time-code sent to SMS. Activity in these tools are logged. The admin tool only discloses the data an employer needs, like day-by-day status for each employee.

HIPAA, FERPA and other compliances are supported by Google and our platform.


The core platform is hosted in Google Firebase, which is a set of services in Google Cloud. We use the USA multi-region (nam5) hosting solution for maximum availability, durability and redundancy. Multi-region locations can withstand the loss of entire regions and maintain availability without losing data.​


CLEARED4 is in compliance

with all the latest COVID-19 guidelines from the FDA, CDC and State Governments.

CLEARED4 Platform Integrations
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