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 Providing Frictionless Healthy Access By Tying Building Access To
COVID-19 Health Results.

Managing returning to work facility capacity for both staff and visitors at a physical location can be the greatest challenge for administrators. Creating safe and secure protocols like temperature scanning, vaccination confirmation and health assessments can be a daunting task for HR professionals. 

What We Offer

CLEARED4 offers one-on-one consultations with our medical team, experienced in COVID-19 protocols.

Best practices offered for managing employee workflows, communal spaces, such as conference rooms, waiting and dining areas, and entering/exiting facility.

Minimally intrusive, economical access control through an intuitive, simple yet powerful interface, CLEARED4 fulfills the needs of organizations ranging in size from 10 to 1M+ individuals.

Venue Check In Options

CLEARED4 offers several options to monitor staff and visitor access to your facility. Depending on your traffic volume and the requirements of your organization, the options offer differing degrees of surveillance granularity. Access may include temperature scanning, contact-less check in/out, staffed entry or automated key entry, and connecting tests results with building access cards. Administrators will have a bird's eye view of all activity, with a myriad of filters and reporting options.

Access Control.png


  • Secure Access Passes using two-factor authentication and optional photo upload

  • Works with all tablets and kiosks that can run a modern browser, no configuration required

  • Automated guidance and notifications is provided to users with symptoms

  • Option for contact-less temperature scanning kiosks

  • Integrated contact-less entry and check in/out monitoring for seamless contact tracing

  • Option to connect test results with building access cards

  • All activity generates an audit trail for limiting liability and HIPAA compliance


  • Employee safety is greatly increased with CLEARED4's security and privacy measures

  • HR gains substantial time savings with automated notifications, record keeping and contact-tracing

  • Staff exposure can be minimized by contactless entry by authorized users and by contactless temperature scanning

  • Protection from possible litigation and data breaches are minimized by need-to-know data access and comprehensive records

Tie Building Access To COVID-19 Health Access

Using CLEARED4's platform, enterprise clients can easy connect a user's COVID-19 health status directly to both their access cards for building access and internal IT systems for system access.

Private & Secure

Provide a frictionless experience for employees who no longer want to show their confidential health information to entrance staff.

Fast & Convenient

Employees don't need to take their phones out of their pockets when entering a building to show a barcode, pass or printed vaccination cards and test results.


Flexible & Compliant
We provide businesses ALL the tools they need to stay compliant to ever-changing regulations, including health surveys, COVID-19 testing, vaccination confirmation, vaccine status management, contact tracing and more.

Real-Time Notifications
Positive test results and COVID-19 exposure alerts are immediately sent to admins, so impacted staff can be asked to leave the premise before risking infecting others. These results can update door controls and IT system access in real-time to minimize onsite exposure.

AdobeStock_325665709 (1).jpeg

 Thermal (Forehead) Temperature Scanning Kiosk

  • Contactless Entry

  • Integrated with CLEARED4 Pass for Access Control

  • Option to Link With Existing Key Card Door Access

  • Feature Rich, Windows Upgradable Kiosk

  • Add Printer, Hand-Sanitizer and Touch Enable

  • Two Screen Sizes: 22 inch and 32 Inch

Thermal (Wrist) Temperature Scanning Kiosk

  • Contactless Entry

  • Integrated with CLEARED4 Pass for Access Control

  • Upgradeable Android OS

  • Integrated Hand-Sanitizer

  • 15 inch Screen


Contact us to learn how CLEARED4’s health and safety command center helps organizations make more informed compliance decisions.

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