The Customer

WEMPE JEWELERS is a luxury retail destination located at the corner of 55th Street and 5th Avenue, New York City’s premiere shopping district. It occupies 5,500 square feet, stretching along half a block of facade in the hallowed Peninsula Hotel. WEMPE serves an international clientele of devoted regulars and walk-ins.

The Challenge

WEMPE needed a solution that would provide ease of use and record-keeping, 100% participation, and compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. While the hotel is currently closed, the hotel checks employees into the store and the store is open for business at a limited capacity. How can WEMPE open the store safely and assure employees and customers that WEMPE is taking all possible precautions and measures to keep everyone healthy and infection-free while complying with CDC and State regulations?

The Solution

CLEARED offers a system that ensures 100% compliance with all laws and regulations specific to Covid, achieves 100% adoption and usage by employees, and enables full automation of health screening documentation and related operational procedures. WEMPE wanted to track and record daily temperature readings of employees, a potential documentation boondoggle. With the click of a button, employees can enter and upload an image of their temperature reading. CLEARED seamlessly stores this information in the employee’s profile for easy future reference.


CLEARED does not involve an app download or logging in with a password. Instead CLEARED has removed all barriers to compliance by assigning each user a personal link that is accessed from the user’s personal device through a web browser.

The Benefits

WEMPE has safely reopened its doors with the assistance of CLEARED , establishing an automated process empowering HR to monitor employee symptoms and ensuring a complete audit trail for liability purposes. Keeping the work environment safe from CV-19 spread is a matter of diligent, continued monitoring. CLEARED, led by Dr Soumi Eachempati, the former director of ICU at Weill Cornell Center in NYC, updates the daily health assessment for WEMPE employees.  CLEARED helps accomplish a safe work environment through daily automated employee monitoring and keeps easily-accessible, complete records for any liability purposes.


With employees split into 4 separate teams over two locations, we felt it was essential to keep track of questionnaires digitally, rather than manually with pen and paper. The aim was to have a perfectly well-kept log and for us to be able to intervene immediately, in case anyone was showing symptoms. I want to protect the health of our employees and customers as well as insure that the stores remain operational at all times. CLEARED4® has proven to be the perfect solution. 

Ruediger Albers,


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