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A Privately Held

Hedge Fund

Management Company


The Customer

A privately owned hedge fund (Company) that invests in public equity and fixed income markets across the globe.

The Challenge

This company shut down their offices in New York City during the height of the pandemic as the majority of businesses in NYC did. However the company wanted to bring employees back to the office in a limited capacity by June. They wanted a safe return to work strategy that would let their employees feel safe,  have a scalable return to work flow, and was as minimally resource intensive as possible to the HR department that was tasked with tracking the re-opening.

The Solution

CLEARED4 platform offered the primary requirements that this company was looking for in a pandemic partner as well as several bonuses. The company was looking for substantial administrative time savings, automated symptom tracking and an easy-to-navigate platform interface. They found all this and superlative customer service and responsiveness to customer feature requests in the CLEARED4 platform.

The Benefits

The company found the quality of the employee health assessment to be unmatched in the industry and was impressed with the close adherence to CDC recommendations of the questionnaire which is updated regularly and in real-time by CLEARED4 co-founder, Dr. Soumi Eachempati, former professor of surgery and public health at Weill Cornell Center in NYC. 

What’s Next?

The company had considered testing staff when they reopened but found the logistics, complex and daunting. They are thrilled to discover that CLEARED4 will potentially offer automated COVID-19 test deployment and is very interested in CLEARED4's vaccine tracking module.

We were impressed with the CLEARED4 platform and felt that the questions were spot on and that clearly a lot of research went into creating the questions. The results that employees received (from using the platform) were pretty accurate as to whether they should come to work or not.


We had been working from home since March and were testing out other options. We found that these other apps would have 3-4 questions, whereas (CLEARED4) was a lot more detailed and questions were more specific and that is what we were looking for. We love the fact that the questions are updated as new research comes in. 


Having the pilot really helped us see what it would be like once we launched it firm-wide. In fact our experience has only gotten better since we went live. One of the reasons we chose CLEARED4 is the great customer service. If we ever had a question, you were there to answer it. 


In the beginning, we wanted to let our employees choose between phone or email as some people did not feel comfortable giving out their mobile numbers and you guys launched that feature shortly after we requested it!


We like how the website is set up, the dashboard is really easy to follow. There aren’t too many buttons you have to click to navigate through to see that employees were cleared.

Administrator, HR Department

Customer Success Stories

Let us show you what CLEARED4 can do for your company by checking out our customers' success stories.

Delivery Guy

MISONIX an ultrasonic medical devices company wanted to open up all their facilities to all employees from C-suite to warehouse workers. See how CLEARED4 helped them do it.

Conversation by the Stairs

A financial firm went looking for a partner to help manage their return to work strategy and found CLEARED4 went beyond their expectations.


Learn how a luxury Fifth Avenue retailer opened for business in a busy shopping district safely and in compliance with federal and local laws and regulations. Click here to learn how they did it!


Protect Your Companies Health and Reputation by Keeping Your Staff, Vendors, and Visitors Safe.

CLEARED4 is the leading technology in keeping offices open through health and safety compliance. Our tools allow team members to see who is where and when, in real-time. 

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