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When should employees come back to work?

"Open Up America" was unveiled by the White House on April 15th, 2020 to allow societal reintegration after shutdowns created by Covid-19. Each state and local government will create a timeline for their region, but it is expected that many businesses will look to bring back staff in May 2020.

What restrictions are there for people coming back to work?

“Open Up America” mandates employers take the responsibility to “Monitor workforce for indicative symptoms…and not allow symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical provider.” This new rule puts an enormous strain on all companies, especially smaller and mid-sized companies that have fewer resources to deal with this crisis.

How does CLEARED4 help manage this situation?

CLEARED4 is a sophisticated platform that ensures compliance with these new government mandated safety rules by automating the entire compliance process including the monitoring of employees’ COVID-19 symptoms, quarantining those at risk, and enabling low risk employees to return to work.

I am responsible for COVID-19 issues at our company, how does this help me?

CLEARED4 provides a cost-efficient, automated, and secure COVID-19 monitoring process with centralized compliance, administration, and reporting for instant educated mission-critical decisions and general overview of workforce status across your organization, business units, and locations. Implementing CLEARED4 provides peace of mind to employees and clients that management is doing all it can to ensure a safe workplace and is fully customizable with your brand.

I work in HR, how does CLEARED4 help?

By deploying CLEARED4 you fulfill your government obligation to monitor the workforce for indicative symptoms, automatically, and daily in real-time. We collect all the data you need for effective management and analysis/reporting, by department, location, position, etc to instantly obtain a clear picture of workforce status and make educated staffing and production decisions ensuring a documented, safe work environment. CLEARED4 allows you to implement a defined, fair and transparent process so you can clear non-symptomatic employees, while helping those with symptoms to be safely quarantined or to pursue the medical attention they warrant.

Does CLEARED4 affect our HR policy?

No. It’s flexible in its design and allows for customized implementation and messaging according to your individual company structure, business model, location and policies.

How can CLEARED4 help manage our risks?

There are indications of litigation in the media and concerns about OSHA compliance and workman’s compensation in regard to COVID-19. Companies need to comply through appropriate policies and protocols to ensure a safe work environment as per current regulations. CLEARED4 does not set policy, but can be an efficient tool and component of your risk management strategy, by having a documented monitoring system for focused and compliant communication with regulators and employees.

How can CLEARED4 reduce the effort for HR and individuals to be compliant?

CLEARED4 has been designed to automate the process of being compliant to the ever changing rules being issued from The White House and local governments. By using CLEARED4, you will be able to minimize the manual effort/cost and maximize compliance and safety.

Once vaccinations are widely available, can the app be used to submit proof of vaccinations by the employees?

Yes, there is an upload tool in both the consumer facing app and the administration content management system. Either can be used to upload vaccination and/or testing data. These can be reviewed, and once approved, employees can be given a special pass to enter the office and not wear a mask.


How does Cleared4Work help keep a safe work environment?

The only way to be safe without physical testing is knowing a person is symptom free for 14 days. This can be done by symptom testing employees every day or uploading tests (multiple) and future vaccinations. This is what Cleared4Work does automatically for each one of your employees.

How is the platform ‘medically sound’?

Cleared4Work uses our mobile symptom monitor called FluChecker. The questions are continuously optimized based on Covid-19 symptom guidance from the CDC, other sites, and medical experts. There is no single consensus practice guideline for Covid-19 at this time so multiple references are used for this questionnaire.

How does the app help to prevent non-symptomatic Covid-19 infected colleagues from returning to work?

Through a sophisticated symptom tracker, the platform identifies individuals at risk for spreading Covid-19 to their colleagues and clients. Many individuals thought to be asymptomatic are actually symptomatic based on close questioning. Additionally, the app identifies other potential risks for spreading the disease from their histories and/or domestic contacts.

How can Cleared4Work help manage future outbreaks?

If used by all employees, Cleared4work is an early warning radar, detecting possible reinfection / 2nd wave outbreaks at the very first sign of symptoms. This allows for immediate detection within a business unit, allowing for targeted tracking, support and action measures.


What are the costs of licensing Cleared4Work?

The Cleared4Work platform is free for employers with less than 10 employees/users. For 10-500 employees there is a small set-up and customization fee and $2-5 per month per employee charge. For companies with more than 500 employees, pricing is upon request.

What are the costs are using Cleared4Work APIs

Any enterprise client who licenses the core plaform can also have access to our APIs. Our APIs can be customized based on request.


What kind of personal information do you store and for how long?

Employee name, phone number, location of using the symptom checker, and the outcome are stored in the platform. Employers and their authorized administrators can access this information using a 2-factor authentication approach. Data is stored until it is deleted by the employer.

Is the app used for advertising, how do you make money?

We do not sell any consumer or personal information collected on the platform. The tool is free for consumers to use and there is no advertising in the platform. Employers pay to license the platform. The platform is HIPAA compliant and secure.

Do you keep records of the individual questions & answers in the Symptom Checker?

Yes, our platform securely keeps a database of records, but these can’t be accessed by an employer. The employer will see only the final result. If any data is shared, the user’s personal information is removed/stripped from the data. The user has the ability to download for their own private use, i.e. submit electronically to their doctor or take it along to a test site.


What is the implementation process?

Small companies can sign-up immediately at and immediately start using the platform for free. The first step is to import or add your employees, then set a few business rules, and customize the experience to match your brand. Then, the platform does the rest, automatically alerting your team and employees when they need to take action.

What about data privacy?

Cleared4Work is HIPAA compliant. Employees are providing their health symptoms directly to the employer via a secured platform. There is no HIPAA compliance needed for this process. However, the data which is shared and stored is done under HIPAA guidelines, with two-factor authentication, secure encryption and event logging of all keystrokes. To continue HIPAA compliance, no data is sold, and all data published has no personal identifiable information associated with it.

What rules can be configured in the platform?

The platform allows you to configure a number of key variables based on your organization needs. This includes overall branding, text in any default text message sent to your employees and rules like how many days of quarantine are needed before returning to work etc.

Can we integrate with our current HR automation tools or health insurance programs?

We provide access to our core APIs in the enterprise solution. These can be used to integrate into your own systems and custom even further the business logic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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