Manhasset Union Free

School District


The Customer

The MANHASSET Public Schools a top-rated, public school district with approximately 4000 students and staff members was trying to open for in-person classes in the fall during the pandemic. The school district is located on Long Island in New York State. It is in the center of a busy, populous area just on the outskirts of New York City.

The Challenge

Schools have been opening and then closing in quick succession because of CV-19 outbreaks. MANHASSET wanted to open for classes safely while following the complex, constantly-changing NY state regulations. Strictly adhering to the numerous rules and regulations of NY State and the CDC is of paramount importance for a public school like MANHASSET. 

They wanted something that was NOT app based to avoid the login/password process, which they felt would be a barrier to regular usage. They wanted something that would be very easy to use so that they would have a high adoption rate from parents and staff.

The Solution

After reviewing a number of possible solutions, the choice was narrowed down to two. During their last vendor interviews, CLEAREDbecame the clear choice with their mission of 100% Compliance, 100% Adoption and 100% Automation AND no app download. 


CLEAREDis web based and accessible with any device with an Internet connection and so made it easier to engage parents and staff and get them to use the platform.


“After one month of use, I feel good about how easy it is to update the questions and the comfort level we have from the medical perspective of having Dr. Soumi available. Our parents are finding it much easier to use; they feel comfortable with it.”


“The CLEARED team has been very responsive. They have been very open to our requests as an end user and making accommodations for our needs and making it much easier for us to access data we need for reporting purposes.eed.”

Allison Rushforth

Executive Director, District Special Education Programs and Pupil Personnel Services

The Benefits

The expertise provided by CLEARED, led by Dr. Soumi Eachempati, the former director of ICU at Weill Cornell Center in NYC, allowed MANHASSET to feel secure knowing that the health assessments used in CLEARED are thoroughly vetted and always up to date.


CLEARED allowed the flexibility of two types of health assessments; one for staff members and one for students. Messages and reminder times are easily configurable by MANHASSET. CLEARED is already highly automated and remains extremely responsive to customer feedback so that MANHASSET’s evolving needs are met by CLEARED.

By using CLEARED, the administrative team at MANHASSET has been able to deal with the extra burden that Covid-19 has mandated.  So far, the MANHASSET schools have all remained open, and CLEARED has helped minimize any class closures and staff quarantines.

“Responsiveness is at a very, very high level, the access to the heads of the company, the almost instant response is remarkable.


In a very short span of time, we have built a level of confidence and reliability in this vendor. During a time that feels like an eternity (although it has only been 4 weeks since we implemented CLEARED) especially, when we are talking about sickness and health, life and death situations, this is a whole different level of vendor reliance.”

Rosemary Johnson

Deputy Superintendent for Business and Finance


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