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Savings Bank


The Customer

MIDDLESEX SAVINGS BANK is the largest mutually owned savings bank in the Boston MetroWest area of Massachusetts.

The Challenge

With over 30 branches and customer call center, MIDDLESEX has a large staff to track and keep healthy while complying with HIPAA privacy requirements. Although most staff members remain in one branch, there are certain members whose role requires them to rotate among different branches. HR administrators needed to access the records of those staff members that were assigned to them but not the others. Precise documentation and customizable reports were crucial to operations.

The Solution

MIDDLESEX briefly considered using pen/paper as they only had 590 employees but upon closer scrutiny, they immediately realized that it would not be feasible from privacy considerations as well as from the very real environmental considerations of keeping a vast paper trail. The clincher was the daunting task of updating the health questionnaire and having to keep up with constantly changing CDC and state requirements and recommendations.

The Benefits

 MIDDLESEX considered other options, as well as their own, native HR management system but decided to go with the substantial superiority of a purpose-built platform like CLEARED4's robust, feature-rich, yet responsive platform. CLEARED4's user interface is agnostic in terms of type of phone and computer setup so all 590 employees could easily access the health questionnaire. Achieving 99% adoption enabled MIDDLESEX to avoid further disruptions to their core business of serving their community and preventing any more closures of bank branches.

What's Next

MIDDLESEX is considering integrating CLEARED4 with their original HR management system. With vaccines coming online, they plan on using CLEARED4's new module to track employee vaccine status as well. Going forward, they envision using CLEARED4 for flu season management.

“There is no doubt in my mind, CLEARED4 has been THE most responsive software company, I have ever worked with. The fact that I received an answer almost before I finished sending the email is remarkable! The customizations you did to make the platform work with the complex security system of the bank has been phenomenal”


“The CLEARED4 platform has been a BIG help. It has saved us from closing another branch since everyone has to take the health questionnaire. There were several cases in which users had an orange status and so stayed at home and when they got tested, sure enough, they tested positive. So these people did not come into the office and infect anyone else. Completing the health questionnaire every day makes everyone much more aware of their own health situations and to stay home when they are feeling under the weather instead of just coming in when they were not feeling all that bad.”

Paul Van Corbach,

SVP | HR Operations

Business Consultant

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