The Customer

THE SPUR is a membership based, co-working space and innovation hub for local entrepreneurs on the East End of Long Island.

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The Challenge

THE SPUR needed to safely reopen for staff, members, and visitors to use the shared office space with confidence that everyone in the space is healthy while complying with changing state and local laws and regulations.

The Solution

The CLEARED Platform helped THE SPUR reopen by automating the process of assessing that staff and visitors are free of COVID-19 symptoms. A CLEARED -issued, “GreenPass" indicated that the person has taken a doctor-vetted symptom survey and is cleared to return to work.

The Benefits

THE SPUR now has a fully automated, yet customizable platform to check in with staff and members, track their symptoms, easily ping people who have not responded, and document all interactions. CLEARED reduced what was a tedious process to an easily-managed daily task that transfers the liability of symptom assessment to staff and visitors and documents that THE SPUR has done its due diligence. 

THE SPUR's Story

CLEARED enabled THE SPUR to safely reopen their two co-working spaces by ensuring compliance with ever-changing state and local laws thus inspiring confidence in their staff and visitors that THE SPUR is a safe and healthy place to work.


THE SPUR was created in 2018 to provide an innovative and synergistic work environment for the entrepreneurs located on the East End of Long Island. It caters to regular members and less frequent visitors who are looking for a more productive work environment than a house full of guests. THE SPUR has expanded to two locations - one in Watermill and the other in East Hampton.


has over

150 members


has dozens of

daily visitors

An Automated Solution

Like many other businesses trying to function in a challenging environment, THE SPUR needed to find an automated solution that would cover their three priorities

CLEARED provided THE SPUR with a turnkey solution that was quick and easy to implement - THE SPUR manager was able to implement the CLEARED

platform in less than 60 minutes. She uploaded her database of staff and members and the platform immediately began pinging everyone to fill out an approximately 15 question survey that takes about 75 seconds to fill out. THE SPUR now has a real-time log of the health of staff and members.

Covid-19 symptom


Access control

of staff and visitors

Contact tracing in the event of an infection to prevent being the focus of a local outbreak

Owner Lisa.jpg

It was soo time consuming. We even tried surveymonkey and Google Forms, but it still took the team several hours each day - and then we had to do it all over the next day. There was simply no way we could keep this up and also operate, let alone grow the business

General Manager, Lisa H.

Lisa does not need to worry about keeping up to date with CDC announcements or state/local regulatory developments because CLEARED has a doctor, with 20 years of critical care experience, vetting and maintaining the questionnaire. Based on staff and visitor responses, the CLEARED platform issues a GreenPass to allow the person to enter the premises, an Orange pass with a recommendation to stay at home or a Red pass to go see a medical professional and provides a list of local clinics.

With the assistance of CLEARED , THE SPUR is able to safely reopen for business, staff and visitors return with confidence that they will be in a healthy environment.

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